Wow I can’t believe I just hit 4000 followers! Hundreds are injured. My fists are sore and the police are coming.

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Deprensum in puero tetricis me vocibus, uxor, corripis et culum te quoque habere refers.

Ha Ha Ha here’s a little blog post explaining what that bit of latin means 

Its actually quite a bit dirty

but I love that he knows latin and realizes that she also knows latin enough to know what’s being said.


Ilica, 1971.


And it’s good for promoting a healthy lifestyle, which Pawnee desperately needs.

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talking to people about my obsessions pretending im just a casual fan

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Rhod Gilbert, being the great oaf that he is, gets put in his place by a listener from Vermont.

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Irlande nul points

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Do you have the time madam? IT’S PARTY TIME DON’T LOOK AT YOUR WATCH!

You can’t run a ship like that.

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"bear with me," i say

i have a bear with me. i want everyone to know

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